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Reasons to Love the Consultant Who Is Outdoing You

If the competition is beating you, you can get angry, or you can learn what the competition is doing that is so attractive and adapt it yourself. Everything can be a learning opportunity, even if some of these experiences are more frustrating than others. That is the message delivered from a post by the Sassy Suite, and it is a reminder that we could all use.

Another message relayed is that there are a lot of potential clients out there, so if a rival consultant is scooping up more of them than you right now, it probably does not mean that there will be none left for you. Plus, by necessity, not all consultants fall into the same niche. It could be that each of you is just attracting the types of clients that align more closely with your respective niche, and right now the numbers just happen to be favoring the other person.

For some more uplifting thoughts, you can view the full post here:

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