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Can We Replicate Hallway Conversations Virtually?

Serendipity plays a big part in life, including at work. A random conversation struck up in the hallway or the break room can lead to a major new insight that improves work outcomes. What about remote workers though? Are they out of luck? Lew Sauder wonders about this in a post at Consulting 101. He actually does think it is possible to imitate the serendipity of hallway conversations, but it requires good communication technology like Slack and a company culture that generally encourages conversation. Sauder does not think telecommuting is just some fad that will blow over, nor does he discourage its use. Great time efficiencies are gained from taking a long commute and shrinking it into a two-or-three-times-a-week commute.

You can view Sauder’s thoughts in detail here:

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