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Small Projects Are Becoming the Consulting Norm

Consultancies look forward to sinking their teeth into big projects, but in recent years, clients with big projects have been fewer and farther between. They still exist of course, in the form of transformation projects particularly, but it is not likely for the current trend to change anytime soon. Edward Haigh discusses this phenomenon in a post for Source Global Research. He says that the shift toward smaller projects is not just a result of economic and environmental risks (though such risks were and continue to be a catalyst).

Rather, Haigh thinks of projects for consultants as times when a business has a question and is willing to “buy” an answer. But technology has made it so that answers are much easier and faster to get than before, and this is true in all aspects of business. So in part, technology and better feedback loops are the culprit for shrinking project sizes. Consultancies should be mindful of this change and not pass up promising opportunities in this smaller space.

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