How to Guide an Effective Conversation with Buyers

When you talk to potential buyers of your services, your end goal is always the same: Sell your services, if they apply. But if you are too pushy in the way that you attempt to control the conversation, clients will be put off by it, making it harder to close a deal. In a post and video at Consulting Success, Michael Zipursky describes how you can walk the tightrope and maintain a productive conversation.

Missing the Mark?

He asks you to imagine this conversation as if you are interviewing someone to work for you. In an interview, you would give the person ample room to talk, but it would be within the context of answering important questions that give you the critical knowledge you need about the person. A conversation with a buyer is quite similar. You need to ask pointed questions about their business that shows that you care about understanding their situation, questions about their values and the challenges they are facing.

You should know in advance of a conversation what general answers must be garnered. Then you can steer the conversation accordingly. Zipursky says not to be afraid of leading the conversation because it comes with the turf of being an expert. You are asking these questions to decide if your services are the thing a client needs to be successful.

For further thoughts, you can view the post and video here:

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