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A Personal Weakness Assessment

Everyone loves to receive a sincere compliment. Not as many people love open criticism, not even of the constructive kind. But knowing your weaknesses is valuable knowledge, because it gives you starting points for self-improvement. In a post at Consulting 101, Lew Sauder describes how to conduct your own weakness assessment.

He estimates you can probably find five or six main weaknesses on which to focus, and you should conduct an HR-like process of scrutiny:

  • Explains the areas where the employee needs to improve
  • Establishes goals for improvement
  • Defines milestones and deadlines for each goal
  • Explains the consequences of failing to meet these goals within their defined deadlines

Regarding that last point—reward yourself with a movie or the like when you hit your milestones. Punish yourself with a removal of sweets (etc.) when you fail to reach them.

For a deeper discussion, you can view the full post here:

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