People Are Not One-Stop Shopping in Hiring

Today, businesses expect people who can “do it all”—and this expectation is too high, according to Fiona Czerniawska in a post for Source Global Research. Sure, people who have dabbled in a lot of robust areas of consulting exist, but they are few and not necessarily excessively more valuable. Rather, what is more important is putting together teams that collectively account for a full spectrum of relevant knowledge areas. Clients do not care if you have a super ace that can do everything. They just care that your teams are together capable of producing the required bottom-line result.

For additional elaboration, you can view the original post here: http://www.sourceglobalresearch.com/blog/2017/10/05/people-are-not-a-one-stop-shop-any-more-than-a-consulting-firm-is

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