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Why You Need to Know Your Ideal Client

Hypothetically speaking, what does your ideal client look like? What position is this client in that makes you perfectly suited to help? If you do not know the answer, that could be a problem. In a post at Consulting Success, Michael Zipursky explains why it is so important to pin down the silhouette of your ideal client.

Targeted Work

Essentially, it boils down to the amount of effort involved. When you know your ideal client and the challenges and opportunities that they are facing, you can then direct all of your marketing and outreach precisely at addressing those issues. By comparison, if you do not identify a niche and try to address a broader market, it means you must then craft different messages for different groups of people. It is a lot more work and may end up being less effective. So in this respect, it could be safer to target one small audience than to try to attract the whole crowd.

Beyond that, the other important aspect of identifying an ideal client is knowing that this is the client for whom you will produce your best work. Everyone will find the highest value in this arrangement. So get thinking about this critical matter today, if you do not already have it worked out.

You can view the original post and an accompanying video here:

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