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Microsoft Excel Is Going to Make Your Life Even Easier

Practically anyone with a desk job has used Microsoft Excel at some point, some more extensively than others. For those who make a living off of its reliable matrices, there is good news: Microsoft is delivering more, “smarter” technology. In an article for TechCrunch, Frederic Lardinois explains how Excel is going to incorporate machine learning and make better use of your data inputs.


The big highlight is that Excel will now distinguish more data types:

… you will soon be able to tag a list of company names as — well — company names, for example. Once you’ve done that, Excel can pull in more information about the company from Microsoft’s Bing API, including stock data and market cap, for example. Excel can even automatically detect that a list of names is indeed a list of company names or a list of cities, for example, which then allows you to pull in population data, among other things.

Excel will also have a new built-in tool called Insights, which will spontaneously attempt to visualize what it deems to be the most pertinent data.

Both the new data types and Insights are expected to launch next year. A new standalone, non-subscription Microsoft Office is scheduled to release in the second half of next year as well. For more details, you can view the full article here:

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