Keep Your ‘Foot on the Pedal’ with Your Consultancy

All consultants are “hungry” when they start out—hungry to work, hungry to be successful. And as Micheal Zipursky explains in a video at Consulting Success, it is important to maintain these same levels of enthusiasm as times goes on, especially as it regards marketing. He calls it having a mindset of “foot on the pedal.”

The Vroom Philosophy

Zipursky acknowledges that many consultants start out being “foot on the pedal,” but as time goes by and a certain level of success is achieved, they start to “ease off the gas.” They become comfortable with their current set of recurring clients and do not put as much—or in some cases any—effort into marketing. But there are problems with this way of thinking.

One of them has to do with sustainability: What happens if a recurring client stops hiring your services for whatever reason? That will result in a drop in revenue without anything reliable to replace it. Another problem is simply one of ambition: Taking your foot off the pedal means you are not trying to make your consultancy all it can be anymore. Why sell yourself short and rest on your laurels when there are still higher mountains to climb?

Zipursky concludes that, as long as your consultancy is in business, your foot should be on the pedal. You should always be doing outreach and bringing new prospects into your client pipeline. There is just too much to gain from doing so.

You can view the video and accompanying transcript here:

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