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Deloitte Hit by Cyber-Attack Revealing Client’s Secret Emails

Deloitte, ranked in 2012 as the best cybersecurity consultancy, has been hacked. It is a problem when any big business gets hacked, but it is particularly problematic in Deloitte’s case, since they have dealings with all the biggest companies in the world (in addition to countless US governmental departments). The hacker reportedly got in through an administrator’s account that required no two-step verification, and the hacker then had unrestricted access. Upward of five million emails in the cloud could have been accessed. This sounds pretty haphazard for one of the top consultancies in the world.

Deloitte is responding in all the expected ways, with cybersecurity experts reviewing the problems, etc., but realistically the damage has been done. For further details, you can view Nick Hopkins’s article for the Guardian:

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