Consulting Best Practices

3 Tiny Tips for Success as a Consultant

In an article for CNBC, Lisa Ferber shares the insights of social media consultant Natalie Zfat, who works with big names like Mark Cuban and the Food Network. Zfat offers three basic tips for consultants to embody, and the tips are illustrated by her experiences. The first tip is to take risks: You must put yourself “out there” and allow vulnerability as you pursue new contacts or try new things. The second tip is to have confidence in your abilities: You may not be perfect at everything, but you possess viable skills that others lack, and you should take pride in your ability to use those skills to help people. The final tip is to over-deliver: When you go the extra mile to ensure value for clients, they will remember, and it will help you secure repeat work.

For a longer explanation, you can view the original article here:

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