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Swing like Tarzan with Career Opportunities

As a consultant, you may not want to get pigeonholed into one sort of work if your passion actually lies elsewhere. What is the most effective way for you to pivot away from what you are doing toward what you would like to do? A post at Consultants Mind answers that you should “swing like Tarzan,” meaning you should not let go of one vine (your current gig) before you have grabbed onto the next vine (the preferred gig).

Grabbing on can mean different things, but at the very least, it definitely means not taking a blind leap. The author gives the example that, if you are currently in telecom cost reduction, you should not attempt a full jump straight into finance strategy. Instead, you should take an interim step—either to finance cost reduction or telecom strategy.

Beyond that, just be mindful about taking advantage of the opportunities that do currently exist. If you work within a larger consultancy, go to your boss and explain how you would like to change your trajectory. Do what you can to be situated in the part of the consultancy that propels you forward.

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