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Pushing Past Ego to Sell Your Professional Services

A few rotten apples can spoil the pie for everyone. In the case of consulting, it has developed a reputation for arrogance and annoying know-it-alls. In a post for the Institute of Management Consultants USA, Mark Haas describes how you can avoid coming off that way yourself.

Basically, it comes down to being able to just stick to the facts. Tell prospective clients about the specific (terrific) results you generated for previous clients, and then let that information speak for itself. Do not add details of how you were a savior to their business or any nonsense like that. Remember that you are just the conduit for how prospective clients get the results they want to see. That means the client and what you intend to do for them should be the two primary topics of discussion; you yourself barely factor into it at all, beyond outlining your qualifications and articulating what makes your services uniquely valuable.

And one more tip—replace instances of saying “You should” with “Based on our findings, I would recommend.” It comes across more thoughtful.

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