3 Daily Steps to Grow Your Consulting Business

Growing a strong business is typically the result of sticking to efficient habits. And in the case of consulting, maintaining steady, high-value work is the product of maintaining good marketing habits. In a video for Consulting Success, Michael Zipursky explains three steps you can take daily to maintain a healthy pipeline and keep business growing:

  1. Reach out to a key contact for a referral.
  2. Reach out to a past client to cultivate the relationship and see if there is new potential work.
  3. Reach out to or follow up with a prospective client about possible work.

Reach Out, Reach Out, Reach Out

All three of these steps are about direct conversations—preferably via phone call, but an email can suffice if really necessary. Conversations are how opportunities are found and deals are made. Likewise, conversations are how networks are built.

Key contacts are the people who have access to businesses with whom you would like to be working. Thus, it makes sense to reach out to these contacts for referrals. If your skills are the right fit for a business’s needs, then everyone stands to benefit.

It is also valuable to stay in regular contact with past clients, though Zipursky estimates that consultants probably do not do this as much as they should. Since past clients already know and trust you, they are ideal people with whom to take on a new project. Or alternatively, clients can clue you in to opportunities in other departments of their business.

Lastly, for obvious reasons, it is important to always be reaching out to or following up with prospective clients. This is mandatory for consultants.

If you can reach out in these three ways every workday, then that means you are having at least 15 conversations per week—maximizing the odds of a bright, work-filled future. You can view the original video and its transcript here:

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