How to Prepare for Your Consultant

You have hired consultants to swoop in and improve operations. That was step one. Step two is ensuring that you have fully enabled them to succeed. A post at Get the Business shares some tips for preparing for the arrival of consultants.

In the first place, you should obviously inform affected teams that consultants are coming and explain the working relationship that will exist between them. People also need to know which days of the week that consultants will be working, particularly for timesheet purposes. Furthermore, think about seating and technology arrangements:

Ensure any IT is set up for … your Consultant. This may or may not include System login, application login, access to servers files etc, do you want them to have a company email account. Ensure any IT is time limited to the end of the assignment and not finishing at the end of the first week.

Then just remember to have someone show consultants where the important things in the building are, namely, fire exits and break rooms.

For additional thoughts, you can view the original post here: https://getthebusiness.co.uk/2017/08/03/12-tips-on-preparing-for-your-consultant/

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