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Don’t Overplay Your Leverage

There are those who live by the attitude that, if they have power, then they can use it however they would like. But there are repercussions to throwing around your weight without considering how it affects the people with whom you work, and it come could back to bite you. Lew Sauder discusses the danger of overplaying leverage in a post for Consulting 101.

He says that there are two kinds of power—official and unofficial—and it pays to be considerate of others with it in either case. Official power is what a business formally grants you. Unofficial power is what you should be especially mindful of though:

Unofficial power is what you get from people that will help you out. If you are nasty to the people that work for you, they will probably do the minimum work that they must do under your official power. But if you treat them well and they respect you, they will give you additional unofficial power. This will likely get more done for you by your people.

That is the long and short of it, but for more of the long, you can view the original post here:

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