5 Reasons to Hire an Expensive Consultant

The more you pay for something, the more quality you expect. But sometimes that quality is just an illusion created by good marketing, and something cheaper would have been fine. Is it worthwhile to go top-dollar with consultants for your business when you could attempt to do the work in-house instead? In an article for Fast Company, Justin Webb gives five reasons why he believes the answer is a yes:

  1. Specialized expertise
  2. Real-world experience
  3. Dedicated focus
  4. Timely attention
  5. Contractual guarantees

Go for It

Consultants bring specialized knowledge and in deep abundance, meaning they will work faster and more efficiently than anyone you have on hand. The results will be better too, since this is work the consultants have inevitably done many times over in a variety of circumstances. And importantly, consultants will be dedicated to doing just the job for which you hired them:

Contrast that with the internal resource you have pegged to “multitask” and take on the project. If they have the skills to do the job, there may still be many other routine responsibilities that take their focus: firefighting, personnel issues, vacations, internal politics, and overlapping projects can all impact their ability to see a special project to completion. A consultant can help you to avoid many of these distractions and focus on completing the project they are hired for. Good consultants will work to avoid these distractions and keep extraneous billable hours contained in order to deliver the expected results (and in doing so, promote a stronger business relationship).

Contracts can guarantee, at least to a certain extent, the results you need to see from the consulting arrangement. This is much better than using an in-house team, where if everything fails, the most you can do is fire everybody. In other words, a great deal of reliability comes with hiring consultants, if you are willing to spend more up front.

You can view the original article here: https://www.fastcompany.com/3032827/get-what-you-pay-for-5-reasons-to-hire-an-expensive-consultant

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