IBM Pays Its Employees to Take Time Off to Solve World Problems

In an article for Fast Company, Ben Paynter dives deeply into the ways that IBM deploys its employees to solve problems that help the world. For instance, in 2016 IBM established IBM Health Corps grants, where they pay their employees to take time off and take on complicated world health issues. And in addition to Health Corps, there are also Corporate Service Corps (“for all manner of nonprofit, government, or social entrepreneurial idea”) and Smarter Cities Challenge (which is for cities). Notably, 80 percent of IBM managers believe “special mission veterans” return to work feeling more positive and motivated.

Perhaps your company cannot afford to deploy paid resources on this scale, but what if you shrink the principle down to circumstances that fit the size of your company? Think it over. Your PR, your employees, and society could all benefit.

For a long description of IBM’s ongoing activities, you can view the original article here:

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