Independent Consultant, Firm Consultant, or Both?

In consulting, you either work for yourself, or you work in a consulting firm. In a post at Consulting 101, Lew Sauder discusses if it is possible for a consultant to be both. Can you work in a firm and still do independent work?

If you squint, independent consultants are practically the same as entrepreneurs, except the product is themselves. They often do the brunt of all work themselves, from marketing to actual project execution, and they have to find their own health insurance. Such is the price of freedom. Firm consultants meanwhile work in teams, do more specialized work, receive benefits and paid vacations, and do not have to worry about hunting for clients. However, sometimes firm consultants receive opportunities to do some independent consulting on the side, and that is when worlds collide.

A firm consultant can do independent consulting, but only when there are no conflicts of interest:

Consider if you work for a client for your firm, and that client offers to pay you separately to do additional, independent work for them on your own time. If your firm provides the same service the client is asking you to do – even if it is not your role, you could be competing with your own firm.

You should probably know instinctively if independent work clashes with your firm’s well-being. Practice decency. Likewise, do not use any work assets to perform independent work. It is just poor form.

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