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Principles to Grow Your Consulting Business

Tenacity can make the difference in business. In a post at Consulting Success, Michael Zipursky shares a few basic principles for growing your consulting business that revolve around this idea. The first one is to recognize the value of saying “no” today. This does not just mean saying no to work you cannot or should not take on; it also means saying no to shiny new technology or social media that makes you stray needlessly from a strategy that is already working for you. Value your time!

Another principle is to know the difference between being interested and being committed. If you are merely interested in expanding the consultancy, then that means you are exploring options and not invested in making a change yet. But if you are committed to expanding the consultancy, then you are going to make sure that expansion happens, even if you accumulate some bruises along the way. At some point, taking action becomes critical, because there will never be a point where you think to yourself, “Okay, I now have one hundred percent of the possible information to make a decision on this topic.” There is almost always a leap of faith involved.

Lastly, remember that nobody succeeds completely on his or her own. Ask for help when you can use it. Too much pride is an impractical burden to carry.

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