5 Tips to Be a Greater Consultant

A business encompasses a wide spectrum of skill sets, and solo consultants need to find ways to become a microcosm of businesses—no easy feat. In a post for CodeScience, Sebastian Kessel shares some ways to get from great to greater. Here are five tips:

  1. Let your individuality show.
  2. Always respond to client emails.
  3. Remember meeting etiquette.
  4. It is always better to over-communicate.
  5. Know your limits.

Greater Heights

Personality quirks are what make a person memorable. In your business interactions, be professional of course, but within those parameters, remember to be yourself too. People will understand your perspective better that way, and you will generally feel better about how you conduct yourself at work.

About the second tip, Kessel says this:

It doesn’t always need to be a long paragraph, but it needs to be there. If a client sends you an email outlining action items, or meeting notes, respond with a quick note acknowledging receipt and providing preliminary ETAs for any items you are responsible for. Clients always appreciate knowing that you’re on top of things.

Clients also appreciate when you do not ruin their meetings; meetings are easy enough to ruin as is. When it comes to etiquette, Kessel says not to be late, noisy, or a conversation hog. Being late is just unprofessional for scheduled events, but if it must occur, contact the relevant parties as soon as possible about it. And when speaking, get to the point and avoid delivering a presidential speech every time your mouth opens.

Outside of meetings though, your excessive gabbing might be appreciated. Clients and team members need regular updates on your work status, and between the risk of under- or over-communicating, it is always safer to go with the latter. At the very least, offer up an “Everything is going smoothly,” update.

Finally, you need to know your limits as a worker. You might be capable of accepting and completing 75 hours’ worth of work in a given week, but that does not mean you should. Balance the desire to make clients happy with your desire to not die of exhaustion in front of your laptop at a Motel 6.

You can view the original post here: https://www.codescience.com/blog/2016/5-tips-to-be-a-greater-consultant

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