Consulting Best Practices

4 Essential Tips for Starting Consultants

If a sense of restlessness pervades all your work even when the day job is going well, perhaps your brain is trying to tell you to fly solo. Is consulting in the cards? For those willing to give it a try, Boris Dzhingarov shares some tips in an article for NewsBlaze:

  1. Expand your knowledge base.
  2. Ask questions.
  3. Build relationships.
  4. Focus on results.

Knowledge to Get Going

The first thing to realize about being a consultant is that anyone can call him or herself a consultant. Differentiate yourself (i.e., don’t be a fraud) by expanding what you know beyond the things learned at your last job:

Most businesses sell goods and services but consultants sell knowledge. Hence, you must increase your knowledge in the field daily. New ideas and insights emerge in every field every day. Keep up with the latest research findings in your field of specialization. If you want to stand out among other consultants, identify knowledge gaps and conduct your research to fill those gaps. You will attract clients if you can provide relevant and full information about their business or areas of interest.

Once you are working on actual projects, asking questions becomes a critical part of the consulting process. One aspect of this is that you must perfectly understand your client’s expectations. The other aspect is that your clients may not understand themselves what the root of their problems is, and you could be the one to uncover it by asking the right questions.

In order to earn higher income and maintain job stability, you need to build close relationships with clients to turn them into repeat customers. At the least, make them eager to offer testimonials for you. The best way to get clients happy and excited about you is to deliver (or over-deliver) the results you promise. In the end, results are always what matter (and what people remember) most.

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