Has Your Cloud Consultant Gone Crazy?

In an article for CIO.com, consultant David Taber warns that other consultants may not know what they are doing, at least not in the cloud market. He finds that the market is just unhealthy right now, in spite of its explosive growth. He explains what to watch out for in this market gone soured.

Cumulus Ignoramus

As Taber sees it, the bottom has “blown out” of the cloud market as a result of so much competition trying to undercut each other. These very low-cost options do not always equate into high value though, and project failures accumulated by options like these hurt the industry as a whole. Even when dealing with competent consultants though, the reality is that the technology evolves so fast that it is difficult for many consultants to even stay current on it for long.

And on the other side of the table, clients are approaching the cloud with the wrong attitude as well. They do not research enough on what sort of cloud implementation they need, or they do not treat the cloud software as another corporate IT asset. Thus, cloud implementations can go wrong for many reasons, and it can be everybody’s fault.

Taber wants you to escape this cycle of ignorance and failure. He presents a few cases of where he is seeing businesses really go wrong right now. Here is one example:

Consultants’ sales reps are way too eager to say, “yes we can,” even when the client doesn’t really know what they need and the technology is not known for certain to be capable of the task. The sales rep makes the sale, and only as the project gets underway (typically around the end of discovery) do the impossibilities surface. I am aware of several multi-million dollar projects whose budgets were less than a third of what was required once the discovery scoping was done.

He also finds that businesses are fixating too much on project price over business value delivered. Winning project bids are going down at the cost of less innovation in the long run. Those with the purchasing power to implement cloud services need to reconsider their targets and objectives, and they need to remember that sometimes the cheap comes out expensive.

You can view the original article here: http://cio.com/article/3118815/cloud-computing/has-your-cloud-consultant-gone-crazy.html

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