10 Tips for Choosing the Right Change Management Consultant

You have changes to make, and a consultant wants to help you make them. In an article for Bizcatalyst360, Beth Banks Cohn lists 10 considerations to keep in mind when hiring a change management consultant. These are the things that count:

  1. Experience
  2. Their role in changes
  3. Buzzwords versus results
  4. Approach to initiating change
  5. Who will actually be doing the work?
  6. How many people will the consultant be bringing in?
  7. Pragmatism
  8. Success rate
  9. Their biggest failure
  10. Does their process involve “lessons learned”?

The Right Person for Change

You obviously want to consider consultants’ prior experiences during the hiring process. Determine if their expertise comes in a technical, logistical, or people-centric role. Does their approach to success begin by probing the business about how it runs and how people and functions connect? If not, probably do not hire them. If their change success rate is under 98 percent—also do not hire them.

About measuring their pragmatism, Cohn writes:

Good change management isn’t about holding hands and singing folk songs with employees – it’s about making smart business changes that ultimately lead to a better bottom line. A successful change management consultant is one who knows that managing the people piece will drive business success. [the individual needs to demonstrate that they understand the business and can balance the people side of things. If they can only talk about the people side it will not help in the long run.]

It is not uncommon for a senior consultant to devise a change plan and then have specialists or a bunch of juniors execute it. This is fine as long as it is understood how roles connect.

For further elaboration, you can view the original article here: http://bizcatalyst360.com/10-tips-for-choosing-the-right-change-management-consultant/

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