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Tackle Your Weaknesses One at a Time

As is true in all things, there are just so many ways you could stand to improve as a consultant, no matter how good you already are. What is the best way to go about it? In a quick tip for the Institute of Management Consultants USA, Mark Haas provides a plan of attack for addressing weaknesses.

Patching the Holes

Haas optimistically thinks of “weaknesses” as simply opportunities for improvement, and you probably instinctively know where those areas are. If your consultancy grows but you do not address your weaknesses, eventually your areas of vulnerability will not be able to support the rest of the business that has scaled. This is why you want to start improving now instead of later.

For whichever area you choose to improve in first, there are likely a multitude of books and articles available on the subject. Pick out the ones that sound most promising and get reading, and keep it up for at least a week or several weeks. The important thing is to earnestly keep researching and learning, and not to let the studying material vanish into a corner of the home office.

Haas concludes:

The point is to make a commitment to vigorously tackle this [weakness] and not avoid it because it is hard and seemingly a low priority compared to billable work. Set some kind of measure so you can know when you are done. You do not have to eliminate a weakness entirely, just improve it to a satisfactory point. Before long you will have to start looking for another weakness.

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