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How to Keep on Top of Business Change

Without change, there is stagnation, thus making change a necessary part of life. Few are out rushing to welcome it with open arms though. An article at Consultant News incorporates some insights into how to maintain your vision for the business amid myriad changes.

Operate within This Triangle

The three cornerstones of maintaining change are purpose, values, and objectivity. A change must align with the purpose of an organization, and importantly it must align long-term. Any new initiative should be questioned for if it will really further the goals of the business both right now and into the future. A parallel argument can be made about the significance of values, except that values specifically pertain to the people:

People who are normally positive, encouraging and supportive can temporarily transform at times of change to negative, aggressive and angry. To avoid this stay connected with your values. A strong change programme will not just focus on the details of processes and systems. It will also clarify and explore how the values of the organisation and the people relate to the change. Individuals facing change can use their own values to act as their guide on how to react and approach the change.

Objectivity should blanket discussions of purpose and value. Change can often illicit knee-jerk reactions, not all of which will be reflective of reality. When considering making a change, seek to ensure that your perspective is not too biased one way or the other. Likewise, do not allow the loudest voices in the office to win out strictly because they are the loudest. Even if these people are making valid points, it could be that quieter voices have equally valid and more significant counterpoints. Gather as much feedback as necessary to ensure that change happens at the right times and at the right pace in your business.

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