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8 Ways to Create More Value for Clients

The more value you create for clients, the less inclined they will be to ever want to let you go. In a post for Consulting Success, Michael Zipursky shares a variety of ways that you can maximize the value you give to clients. There are eight ways to make yourself irreplaceable:

  1. Understand clients better.
  2. Serve them better.
  3. Provide better experiences.
  4. Help them achieve their ancillary goals.
  5. Create resources for them.
  6. Curate news and content.
  7. Make the relationship personal.
  8. Challenge their thinking.

The Deluxe Experience

Assumptions in business are often needlessly risky propositions. Make the effort to ask pointed questions of clients to get at the heart of who they are and what they need. With this knowledge, you will better align with them in the way you approach your work. You might even find ways to help them with their ancillary goals, whether business-oriented or personal in nature, like learning a new language. A client will not forget above-and-beyond assistance like that. Speaking of which, anything you can do to make the consulting experience memorable on even a minor level will help. For instance, no one will object to you bringing in a pizza now and then.

About making the consulting relationship “personal,” Zipursky believes there is value to be found in interacting with clients outside of a work setting:

Go for a walk with them. Drive them to their next meeting. Enjoy a lunch together. Even accompany them to see their kid’s baseball game.

The reason this works so well is because most people have their guard up when they are in a formal business setting. They feel as if they have to be ‘corporate’ or ‘serious’. The moment you take them out of that environment, into a more personal and comfortable one, they relax. They open up and share.

Most importantly, consultants should enable clients to see more value in themselves. Challenge your clients’ ways of thinking in intelligent ways and try to draw out even further ability from them.

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