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3 More Tips That Will Make You a Great Consultant

Can there be too much of a good thing? Probably, but we have not hit that point yet. Annie An Dongmei shares three more tips at her blog about how to become a great consultant:

  1. Know the business first.
  2. Ask, clarify, and communicate.
  3. Have passion.

Know Something, Then Confirm It

You are going to be asked to do any number of disparate tasks by your client, but informing all of those tasks should be an overall strategy. It is your responsibility to get to know the client’s business and its motivations if you are to complete your work in the most effective possible way. This is especially true when you have multiple clients to satisfy within a given business; they might want different things, and what one client wants could jeopardize more important things that other clients want. Business knowledge is critical.

About the second tip, Dongmei writes this:

Keep asking, keep clarifying and keep communicating will ensure your understanding of what you are doing and what clients are requiring are correct. You worry about [if] you ask too many times. Oh no, it is always better than complete something wrong. What is more, in the event that you have no questions to ask, you can always restate what you’ve understood or summarize what you have been told to obtain confirmation from clients. And in addition, asking questions is such a powerful tool even lots of sales people are using it!

And regarding passion, she specifically means that you should have a passion to jump into the whirlwind of challenges that come with consulting projects. When problems are stacked to the ceiling, you need to grab a hammer and break down that wall one swing at a time. You should have the conviction in your abilities to overcome any difficulties.

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