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The Challenges of Great IT Consulting

Consultant News interviews IT consultant Sam Newell about what qualities great consultants embody, and how they overcome challenges. Half the battle is just being able to listen to clients and challenge their assumptions.

That’s Just Great

Establishing a trusting relationship with a client is crucial to an effective engagement. Being able to talk openly and directly is the only way to get to the root of problems, and Newell believes that when relationships are difficult, it is usually as a result of a “secondary, non-mutually beneficial agenda.” An example includes trying to make someone go with one specific supplier, perhaps because you are good friends with that supplier, instead of because the supplier is right for the client.

About biggest pain points that affect various industries, Newell says:

Pain points really vary across clients and industries. Clients call us when projects aren’t delivering the value they expect or are disappointing their stakeholders. The root cause of this problem often lies at the feet of the initial business case. When business cases aren’t crisply articulated or the business need properly identified, the accompanying costs can be unrealistic and timelines inaccurate. We bring clarity with our unbiased, external perspective. Frequently, this involves a reset of the project, but provides a strong foundation from which to move forward.

Newell finds a particular challenge of IT is that it is always evolving, but that also means that IT can yield a competitive advantage. The most popular phenomenon in IT is that of moving to the cloud, but moving to the cloud is not always the most cost-effective option. Being able to help a business decide what mix of in-house services and cloud is right for IT will be a boon to IT consultants. To hear more of Newell’s insights, you can read the full interview here:

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