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Tips for being a Better First-Time UX Consultant

Are you awesome with UX? Great, then it makes sense that you want to get into UX consulting. But being a good UX consultant means also being good at the ‘consulting’ part. An article at Interaction Design Foundation offers some tips to make the right kind of splash on your first time out in uncharted waters.

LUXuriant Sensibilities

First of all, you have to make sure you understand the business objectives being sought, and that you do not lose sight of them moving forward. You can produce a lot of quality work, but if none of it ultimately furthers business strategy, that means you have failed the client. A good solution to ensuring that consultant and client are of one mind is to get in writing the ways that information should be communicated, and to whom. When there is no confusion, there is no room for disappointment.

But while you are busy conveying your genius to everyone around you, make sure not to sound like a jerk:

It’s exciting to be seen as an expert and that’s exactly what a consultant is supposed to be. Unfortunately, many consultants see this as an opportunity to lecture their clients in patronizing tones of “Isn’t it obvious?” If you want to fall out with your clients; talking down to them is the way to go. They hired an expert because they need your expertise but they don’t need your attitude. Learning to work with all levels of an organization in a way that they respond to positively is part of the consultant’s job.

One last tip of high importance is to know who within a business is the officially designated direct manager to whom you report. This is the person who signs off on your work, which is valuable to know. The alternative is to get trapped in a situation where you report to a committee, and it is exponentially more difficult to please a big group of people than it is one manager.

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