Is It Time to Rethink Your Consultancy Name?

Do people pretty regularly say your consultancy’s name wrong, or forget the name altogether? Then maybe it is time to change it. But those are only the most obvious warning signs. Sam Zipursky writes with five questions to ask yourself in considering whether a change is in order.

Maybe “Loser Consultants” was a Bad Name

Lackluster names happen for a bunch of reasons. Maybe you came up with it as a placeholder and never changed it, or you thought of a “clever” title that turned out to be not-so-clever in retrospect. Zipursky urges you not to get too attached to a name that you do not completely believe in. Here are the five questions to test yourself on its quality:

  1. Is your name easy for others to spell?
  2. Is it memorable?
  3. Can most people pronounce it?
  4. Do you own the domain name?
  5. What happens when you type it into Google?

If people are often asking you how to spell your email address or website URL, that is a bad thing. It is not good if they have trouble pronouncing the business name either, which can be the case when you choose to use an obscure last name in the title. If your business does not return among the first results on Google when you type in the name, that could be the worst sign of all. About owning a domain name, Zipursky writes:

Is you company name completely different from your domain name online? We see this lot and you need to fix this. Your company and domain name should be the same if not very similar. This also applies to social media[;] are you able to get your name or something very similar or Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter?

Remember, sometimes snagging a domain name that perfectly matches your business name is as simple as going for a “.org” instead of a “.com.” You can read the original post here:

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