Google Says Your Consulting Website Needs to Get Mobile-Friendly

Effective April 21, Google is altering the mechanisms by which it displays search results, essentially punishing the ranking of any website that does not have a responsive layout. What does that mean for you? Hopefully, not much.

Sorry, Angelfire Websites from 2004

GlobalWebIndex says that 80 percent of Internet users own a smartphone, so it makes sense that Google would want to display search results optimized for this substantial demographic. Being a “responsive” website is just another way to say a website is “mobile-friendly,” which in turn means the site can dynamically fit a mobile screen in a practical way. The fastest way to confirm your website is mobile-friendly is to just use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

Many people use WordPress to create their websites, and likewise, many of the themes available for WP are inherently responsive. Most themes available for any website-building platform these days are responsive by default, it would seem. Realistically, the majority of people who will actually suffer problems from this new change by Google are people who have been humbly operating their own websites as a quiet hobby for years on end. The IT Skeptic certainly is the first to come to mind, since he has had an amusingly large problem with it.

If your website is elderly enough to not be responsive, then the time is now to modernize with a new skin if you are using a platform like WP, or to build something completely new if you are working directly from code. It is important to keep up with the times, after all.

You can view more information at a post by Sam Zipursky:

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