5 Reasons Consultants Should Blog

Blogging a Consultant's Best Friend? 

Is blogging too much work for what it’s worth, or is it an essential element to a savvy consultant’s arsenal?  Michael Zipursky thinks it’s not only important, but relatively easy—if you watch out for the hazards along the way.

Zipurksy’s list of five reason consultants should blog covers not only technical reasons, but also “soft” reasons:

  1. Search Engines love updated content
  2. Showing off expertise
  3. Possible clients find you
  4. Easy to get started
  5. No genius required

Any Writing is Good Writing

That last part is probably one that stops people before they even begin: the idea of mastery when it comes to writing. As Zipursky explains, having an MFA in writing isn’t part of the requirements list:

There’s a myth out there that you need to be a talented and prolific writer to have a blog. That’s definitely not the case. I was nowhere near an A+ student in writing during my school days. That didn’t stop me from writing advertisements and direct mail copy for billion dollar companies and that certainly hasn’t stopped me from blogging and writing for you.

Stay Consistent 

However, you do need to consistently update the blog. Whether it’s daily or weekly (or even bi-weekly), having a blog out in the world that is not updated regularly is a red herring to anyone who is planning to use you as a consultant. It shows that you are either not able to follow up on things, or that you are no longer active in any way, potentially cutting into your new client list.

Read over this blog post and learn why you should consider starting up a blog of your own:

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