Consulting Best Practices

10 Traits of a Great Consultant

Consulting is more than just telling someone the right way to do something. Good consulting will involve confidence, teamwork, and even friendship. Bernard Ross and Sudeshna Mukherjee have ten tips to turn you into a great consultant. Here are the character traits and business skills that made the list.

  1. Self-confidence: Be as good at delivering bad news as good news.
  2. An understanding of the business: Try a combination of both theoretical and practical knowledge.
  3. Transferable skills: Be able to apply past skills to new problems.
  4. The ability to simplify: Be able to explain a problem no matter the listener’s expertise.
  5. Have more than one solution: Thinking on your feet is important.
  6. Listening: Never assume and always ask lots of questions.
  7. Be a team player: The customer’s goals come first.
  8. Be able to market: Client work and marketing go hand-in-hand.
  9. Gain trust: Don’t shy away from a strong client relationship. Think of yourself as the friend offering honest, and sometimes critical, advice.
  10. Humility: Remember the customer is always the star.

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