An Invitation to Write for AITS

Do you have tips and tricks that could help other CIOs and IT professionals move forward in their work? Have you garnered insights that few others have even considered? Do you want to have your article viewed by colleagues across the industry? We can help provide the platform for your voice and expertise.

AITS is interested in your techniques, experiences, best practices, and yes, even your IT horror stories. We want to read and publish what you, the IT expert, have to say about the field — where it’s been and where it’s going. We want to share what you have to say.

Article Submission Guidelines

AITS would like articles that deal with topics that are of interest to executive-level IT leadership, dealing in technical, interpersonal, leadership, and business topics. Here are some guidelines to help you contribute articles for AITS:

#1: Past Writing Experience  

  • The guest authors contributing posts or blogs must have prior experience in writing informative content on their own blog or other publications.
  • The contributor should provide author biography and recent photograph while submitting content.
  • Bios may contain links to other sites, but such links are subject to our guidelines (spammy websites / inappropriate content).

#2: Outgoing links

  • The guest post can have a maximum of 4 links, provided those links are on topic, do not directly sell products or services, and benefit the readers. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • The authors bio should only contain a maximum of 4 links typically to the author’s website, Twitter account, or his/her blog.

#3: The content must be detailed and unique

  • The guest post should be detailed enough (at least 750 words, to a maximum of 2,000) to throw enough light on the topic. Contact us regarding longer content that may be serialized.
  • The content must fit in with the objectives and vision of AITS.
  • AITS reserves the right to modify the article headline.
  • AITS reserves the right to add subheadings as needed to aid readability.
  • AITS reserves the right to modify content for grammar and spelling.
  • Original content is preferred that has not been previously published. However, the site will consider existing articles and white papers as well. In that case, the contributor must ensure the content abides by the contract of the previous site and share links of the published content for acknowledgement.
  • There should not be plagiarism of any sort. Direct references should be placed in quotes and italicized in the submitted content. The contributor should add acknowledgement in the end note
    for all direct and indirect content references in the submitted content.
  • The submitted content will be rejected if the contributor uses it
    for direct promotion of self, company, product, or services of any kind.
  • The author must specify the source of information (website used for extracting the research data) or instances quoted should be backed with supporting data.

#4: No author accounts

  • As a general rule, no postable author accounts will be provided. Author accounts allow you to reply to comments but not directly post new content.

#5: Active participation

  • Besides providing the guest post, the authors are expected to reply to comments on their write-up as an acknowledgement.
  • Such reply posts shall at all times hold AITS and other authors in a positive light.
  • Negative comments towards subscribers, or otherwise content/links deemed unsuitable can/will be removed and the author’s account suspended at the sole discretion of AITS.

Current topics of focus include:

  • CIO leadership
  • Project management
  • ITSM/service management
  • ITIL
  • IT best practices
  • Issues/risk management
  • IT/business alignment
  • Resource allocation
  • Personal development
  • Project portfolio management
  • AITS also publishes Benchmarking, Consulting, and Agile editions, for which you may submit articles as well.

All possible articles for publication may be submitted to the editor at for consideration. Please also include a brief bio and a photo of yourself if possible.

If you have an article (or plan to write one) on another topic, please send a query letter to the editor at the same address above.

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