What Does It Take Be an Authentic Leader?

While many people have spent years trying to develop the perfect leadership paradigm, the truth is that not one size fits all. Businesses and their employees benefit from an array of personalities because of each leader’s diverse viewpoints, characteristics, knowledge, and interests. An authentic leader values and embraces the unique characteristics of each team member and helps guide them to grow. Liz J. Simpson, the founder of BigMoney Movement (BMM), speaks with coaches Cheryl Parks and Heather Petherick.

Simpson and her team discuss how women entrepreneurs and leaders can model and exhibit their leadership skills. She mentions how women across the globe have a similar corporate trauma to share. She adds how most of them feel undervalued, skipped over for opportunities, or have hit the ceiling. Simpson adds that to become an authentic leader, you must shed your previous bitter experiences and be ready to recreate new leadership models. Watch her vlog to know more.

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