Project Changes Are Inevitable. Here’s How to Manage It

Project changes are challenging, notwithstanding your seniority, certifications, or organizational process scalability. You start a project with a set of requirements that stakeholders collated through multiple meetings and hours of brainstorming. But things change once you begin work because practical implementation is an eye-opener. There are some project changes you can avoid while others you must incorporate. How do you manage such changes without much difficulty? In this article at GoSkills, learn five ways you can manage these changes.

Ways to Manage Project Changes

Set Up a Basic Format to Implement Project Changes Well

  • When stakeholders come up with a new change request or requirement, you and your team must calculate the effort needed to work on it.
  • Document every step carefully, including the needed resource bandwidth and costs.
  • Modify the project timeline based on the formal change order and get it approved by the clients.
  • Start working on the changes.

Realize What the Client Actually Needs

Clients sometimes do not know what they actually need from a project. Go through their business processes and verify whether the changes are really necessary to avoid rework.

Go Through Every Detail Thoroughly

Even though you have thoroughly documented each requirement, clients might have a change of heart. So, encourage them to attend multiple sessions before finally signing off on the change orders.

Have Frequent Interactions

Have the clients made the optional tasks mandatory as well? Such minor project changes can gradually accrue to make the project go beyond the original budget and timeframe. Make sure to keep tabs on the changes.

Make a Change Request If Necessary

Project managers do not want to apply for a change request themselves. But if it is necessary, you should make the changes earlier rather than at the last moment.

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