Is the IT-Skill Shortage Affecting Tech Adoption?

The pandemic had changed the way organizations worked before its occurrence. Businesses were shifted online. Data and other necessary information were uploaded online for collective access by the employees. Moreover, companies had to move a significant chunk of their business operations and client services online. No matter how rapidly technology grows, businesses are experiencing a massive shortage of skillful IT professionals. The shortage has raised an unavoidable concern for the technological divisions of companies. In her article for InformationWeek, Jessica Davis talks about the IT-skill shortage and how companies aspire to overcome the situation.

Demand and Supply Imbalance

Davis states that despite the talent shortage, 58% of companies are planning to increase their emerging technology funding in 2021 compared to 29% in 2020. However, the aspired IT investments are not entirely under the technological umbrella. Business leaders are planning to contribute to the emerging technology to influence technical decisions and use it for their benefit in the long run. No matter how efficiently you invest or envision the futuristic technological scenario, the talent shortage continues to be a serious concern. It has affected 57% of the enterprises, according to ISSA’s 2021 study of cybersecurity pros.

Bridging the Gap

Tommy Gartner, CTO of HP Federal, states that not every IT professional needs a four-year degree or Ph.D. in computer science. However, the best realistic option to pursue a career in the IT industry would be a community college right after high school. Students should develop their interests in statistics and math and should focus on skill-based learning. Mass Mutual CISO Ariel Weintraub mentioned that since cyber security talent was scarce in the market, the company went ahead and hired candidates from computer science and other backgrounds. They kept skill-based knowledge and understanding as their priority and were prepared to invest in the right candidates.

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