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Ensure You Have 6 Project Kickoff Presentation Items

You have an excellent business case, and you have invited all the top honchos for the meeting. Will your project kickoff presentation excite them? Mere text presentations or verbally talking through the entire process is not enough. You must have visuals and anecdotes to inspire an audience. In this article at the Digital Project Manager, Ben Aston provides the items you must include in your project kickoff presentation.

Project Kickoff Presentation Tips

First, your project kickoff presentation must sync well with the meeting invite agenda. Otherwise, the stakeholders might lose interest and begin to leave for other meetings. Once you are done with the deck, make sure you have the following items in your project kickoff presentation:

Features to Be Displayed

  • Have a slide that talks about your team and their roles and responsibilities. If it is a business meeting, talk about your firm a bit. You can also discuss your team should the meeting participants be stakeholders from other departments.
  • Discuss why you want to start the project in the first place. You can ask about the client requirements beforehand to add them to this slide.
  • Go into details about the project. You should also clarify this information to avoid any confusion or awkwardness. Cover the project objective, goals, challenges, and scope.
  • Conclude with what a successful project will look like. Again, have a broad, high-level discussion with the client beforehand to stay transparent across the stakeholder board. You can also add metrics, KPIs, etc., for a tangible display of progress.
  • Discuss the usual project management features in the project kickoff presentation. For instance, plan, timelines, preferred PM methodology, tasks, risks, dependencies, deliverables, communication channels, change management scope, and status reports.
  • Have some time apart in the project kickoff presentation meeting to let the client contribute to the discussion. They might want to insert or subtract requirements.

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