What IT Investments Are Businesses Planning Now?

The initial IT investments that businesses across all the industries had made were mostly related to remote work setup. Now that you have gone past that phase, it is time to refocus your energy and time on business growth. Leaders and CEOs across all sectors are placing their money on security, employee productivity, infrastructure optimization, and new technologies. In this article at BizTech Magazine, Keara Dowd talks further on these lines.

IT Investments of Today

Based on the surveys conducted jointly by CDW and IDG, discover the findings below:

End-User Security

Cybint Solutions conveyed that 62 percent of the companies encountered phishing and social engineering hacks. The CDW-IDW study confirmed that end-user security protocols and external threat landscape analysis are the top two goals of large organizations. 88 percent of IT leaders want to invest in network controls while 44 percent on website gateways and securities. 54 percent are focused on aligning with industry regulations.

Solutions to Boost Productivity

54 percent of large firms and 49 percent of small businesses want to make IT investments to boost productivity. Companies are putting their money on data analysis (52 percent), employee training (45 percent), and automation (45 percent). For increased collaboration, they are channelizing finances for emails (56 percent), coordination (52 percent), and messaging platforms (50 percent).

Importance to Aligning with Objectives

From modernized business technologies, interest has shifted towards aligning with corporate objectives. Organizations that made IT investments recently insisted they are ‘very well aligned’ (64 percent) and ‘somewhat well aligned’ (32 percent) to company goals.

Working on Customer Satisfaction

Customer is king for all industries. Their preferences towards digital services have inspired more companies to digitize their business offerings. Next set of IT investments would be for social media channels (46 percent) and customer self-service or customized services (42 percent).

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