Top 4 Cybersecurity Myths Worth Knowing

Cybersecurity is an integral part of every business today. Many companies have started investing in cybersecurity to protect their businesses. Despite the increased focus on making companies cyber safe, several assumptions and myths revolve around security space that must be avoided. In this article at USA Today, Kim Komando explains some common security myths that you must stop believing in.

Myths and Facts About Cybersecurity

I Have Invested in Sophisticated Security Tools

This is one of the most common mistakes that many organizations commit. Business leaders believe that investing in high-end security tools will help them build an invincible shield between cybercriminals and their networks. Sophisticated cybersecurity solutions are undoubtedly essential in keeping your business cyber safe. However, tools and solutions won’t shield you from everything. To make them fully effective, you must maintain, configure, monitor, and integrate with your overall security operations.

I Don’t Have Any Data Worth Protecting

All those social media apps that you sign up for aren’t free at all. “When you sign the Terms and Conditions, you’re signing away your right to privacy, which lets the apps build a detailed demographic profile of you,” says Kim. Further, your information is sold to marketers. In other words, your information is making social media corporations millions of dollars. Hackers, too, want to cash in on that.

My Password is Strong Enough to Avoid Data Breach

Often organizations believe that their regular passwords are strong enough to keep their businesses safe. But, setting strong passwords are only the beginning. A robust security system is a multi-layered defense against any cybersecurity threats. Employ two-factor authentication and regular data monitoring to secure your confidential information.

I Will Know If My System Is Compromised

It can take months or even years to realize that your cybersecurity has been compromised in the present digital era. For instance, it took nearly four years for hospitality giant Marriott to notice a massive data breach. The hackers disclosed the personal and financial information of their 500 million guests. In this technologically advanced world, malware is even more challenging to detect.

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