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Project Managers, Lead Change the Right Way

Organizations often go through several changes, and project managers have to lead the initiatives. You might have to take on extra responsibilities at the last minute if the task owner does not understand the brief properly. So, it often delays projects and causes scope creep. In this article at the Association for Project Management, Marsha Dennis shares tips to help project managers handle change management the right way.

How Project Managers Tackle the Giant

Do you keep the changes to be done at the tail-end of the project? Identifying the right skills and deploying the necessary adjustments should be done on priority. Here are the few ways project managers can lead the change initiative rightly:

Collaborate to Deliver

When you mix your change managers with the regular team members, there are bound to be clashes. So, bring them on the same page and help the entire team act as a unit. Address the concerns and resistance they have regarding the milestones you have set. If needed, you can modify them as the team becomes habituated with each other’s working style. Enable them to work with the SRO to create a better concept. Goals should be ready for short-term, long-term, and mid-term.

Create Together

Set up a platform to share critical information securely with the team and the rest of the stakeholders. Their engagement improves the product’s quality further. Teammates can share previous knowledge, and all can avoid making similar mistakes for the ongoing projects. One half of the team can work on the reviews while the other half can continue developing the working model.

Not only individual projects, but you can also apply the above tips for multiple initiatives. Project managers usually handle more than one project in large organizations. If it works for a small team, gradually start applying these approaches in other departments.

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