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Management Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

A CareerBuilder study says only 58 percent of managers have received formal training beforehand, so management mistakes might happen. Your intuitions are not fine-tuned to understand the subtle signs of chaos. However, ignoring these for an extended period can make the team doubt your capabilities. In this article at Girl’s Guide to Project Management, Darryl Rosen shares seven management mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

Are You Making These Management Mistakes?

As a manager, you should help people to remove stress and increase productivity. If your management mistakes are doing the opposite, you have caused disengagement and low morale. Avoid these at all costs:

Are They Listening?

Even if you are saying something important, they might not listen to you. Just because the teammates have attended the presentation does not mean they were hanging on to your every word. Engage your team members by asking their views and discuss how to implement your vision best.

Are You Causing Burnout?

You have filtered out the underperformers, and now you have the most talented and skilled people in your team. You are throwing complex tasks one after another without giving them a moment’s break. Since they love problem-solving, they might slog. To avoid burning them out, extend your support.

Are You Avoiding Conflict?

One of the management mistakes is to ignore conflicts until they are unavoidable. You cannot resolve issues over an email. Figure out the reason, decide how to solve it, and talk with the individuals personally. Be respectful and heed their concerns.

Are You Making Angry Outbursts?

Your clients are not happy with the deliverables, so that frustration gets translated into anger. However, you are in a professional space and work with people that cannot always understand what is at stake. Being angry and hurling negative comments can worsen the situation. Discuss how they could have done it better.

Do You Consider Yourself Flawless?

Nobody can be without faults. People will have complaints, but it is up to you to take their feedback. If you do not want them to withdraw support, let them share where you went wrong.

Are You a Micromanager?

You do not have to make all the decisions. The more people depend on you, the less ownership they take. Schedule a time of the day when they can discuss problems. Encourage them to come up with solutions for the rest.

Do You Really Listen?

Are you thinking of an email subject line when your team member is talking? It is one of the management mistakes that causes you to miss critical team-related issues. Keep aside all the tasks and pay attention to avoid problems piling up.

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