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ITIL Adoption: 5 Methods to Do It Perfectly

ITIL adoption was hard for organizations before because the v3 version had twenty-six processes. If you are planning to adopt it now, know that the v4 version has thirty-four processes. Nevertheless, ITIL has become more flexible that suits the need of today’s organizations. Joe discusses in his blog article at about the five straightforward methods of ITIL adoption.

Readying for ITIL Adoption

ITIL helps organizations streamline their IT services and support. You also need to implement the IT Infrastructure Library well to realize benefits. Here are the five methods to perform ITIL adoption seamlessly:

Build an IT Service Desk

While you are at liberty to use ITIL according to your improvement demands, most organizations prefer improving the IT service desk skills. This ITIL adoption will help you manage the needs of customers and staff. With easy access to the knowledge base, your IT service agents should understand how to prioritize their tasks. You also would be able to tweak your operational and service-related processes.

Find Recurring Issues

Leverage the problem management strategy during ITIL adoption to stop issues from repeating every once in a while. Instead of losing hours in rectifying the same mistakes, you can be free to deal with the new ones.

Handle the Changes

If you do not have a good change control method in place, it will be more process-oriented rather than business-centric. Without a specific reason for such changes, conflicts would occur within the team, and external stakeholders might lose interest. Thanks to ITIL adoption, you can easily handle changes, however unpredictable they are.

Leverage Information

Giving access to relevant knowledge alone cannot enable you to enjoy the benefits of ITIL adoption. You must create a learning environment where your employees would want to acquire and grow their skills. Equip them with tools and methodologies to fast-track their learning process.

Improve Regularly

Once you have implemented the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, you cannot stop. To realize the advantages, you must continuously enhance it and encourage your staff to point out improvement areas.

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