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How to Be Better at Managing Your Remote Teams?

With traditional office-based roles changing, work from home is now becoming an increasingly popular option. The goal of a remote manager is to effectively and consistently connect and support team members. Earlier, project managers monitored productivity based on workers’ ‘desk time.’ But, managing teams remotely can be tricky. In this article at The Enterprisers Project, Stephanie Overby shares some best practices for managing WFH employees and teams at scale.

4 Best Practices to Follow

Be Available for Your Team

Project managers must not disappear behind the screen. Instead, they must regularly check with their team members ‘how things are going and what are the new skills they are learning.’ As a project manager, you must also identify if your team members face any issue and find ways to address them. Your availability will encourage people to reach out to you and further creates systematic lines of communication.

Engage Employees in Fun Activities

“One of the things people miss most about the more casual interactions of an in-person office is the opportunity to have some fun and joke together in between meetings and work at their desks,” says Stephanie while quoting Suzanne Bates. Engage your team members in virtual celebrations. Besides, you can also arrange some virtual team games and activities so that you can inject some fun into the virtual get-togethers.

Prioritize one-on-one meeting

Allow your team members to bond over video chat. Holding one-on-one meetings with your employees will allow you to find out how they are doing professionally and personally and how you can lend help.

Encourage Informed Decision-Making

Ensure the team knows that you still encourage them to participate in healthy debates and informed decision-making while virtual. The debate gets to the best answers, creates alignment, and encourages people to work together towards common goals. As a leader, you must hear people out, ask opinions, be inclusive, and allow real discussion time.

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