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CIOs, Work Strategically to Reopen Office for All

After successfully executing remote work setup for employees initially, the CIOs are now arranging for office reopening. Your responsibilities will double as you have to ensure employee safety and cybersecurity of data. So, devise a contingency plan that keeps the business rolling without costing the health of your staff. The decision you make today will have a lasting effect on your business growth. In this article at Dice Insights, Leslie Stevens-Huffman discusses how IT and business leaders can increase employee safety in the next pandemic wave.

Return-to-Work Playbook

The second wave is the real threat because coronavirus cases would rise with the reopening of offices. A practical response plan and a detailed testing protocol are essential to ensure employee well-being. Here is how you can win employees’ trust to bring them back to work:

Data Analysis

Initiating a phased approach with limited exposure to the virus would be ideal. By analyzing real-time healthcare data and employee location, you can easily decide if the individual is eligible to return. Also, allow teams to return to office per the project priority while maintaining social distancing norms.

Health Screening

Make it mandatory for all entering office premises to undergo screening. Send home people abnormal body temperatures. Follow privacy rules and keep all team members informed about the positive cases in the premises. Be lenient on those that are willing to work from home a bit longer. Also, make sure the sales team gets enough facilities, and your clients follow necessary protocols before letting a team member visit them.

Clear Communication

Maintain transparency with employees, stakeholders, clients, and end-users by deploying diverse communication channels. Keep your resources well-informed about the changes in company policies and health benefits.

Isolation Initiatives

According to the recent Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and OSHA guidelines, a minimum six-feet distance between two people is mandatory to limit the coronavirus spread. Reorganize the seating plan with ‘plexiglass partitions’ and restrict entry to the conference halls and IT server rooms.

Rigorous Cleansing Regime

Some organizations have marked the areas and walls to reduce crowd while venturing inside the office premises. Paste stickers in those areas to keep the employees reminded of frequent hand sanitization and avoid close contact. Keep daily meetings online and have employees maintain physical distance during lunch hours too. Following the revised CDC guidelines should be mandatory at work.

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