Are IT Leadership Roles Increasing Due to Pandemic?

From remote work management to online classes, IT leadership roles are primary decision-makers in all the fields. Recent studies conveyed that they have 30 percent more authority on business choices. 20 percent of the participants are also working on non-IT areas. 72 percent observed a rise in roles. In this article at TechRepublic, Jonathan Greig narrates how IT leadership roles are increasing rapidly because of the pandemic.

Pandemic IT Leadership

All industries and companies are dependent on IT workers, so you are protecting their frontline. You are prepping the business owners and senior management with technical nitty-gritties.

Liz Beavers, an expert from SolarWinds, remarks how the IT leadership must look after other departments. They were generally not involved with these tasks before. For instance, an IT department is dedicating itself to automating and upgrading systems for a school district.

Paola Doebel, senior VP and managing director of North America at Ensono, says how IT leadership must ensure that remote team members have access to relevant tools and technologies. This refocusing is also seen in sectors like retail, insurance companies, and government offices.


IT leadership roles were gaining grounds over the years. And now, they are hurled headlong into problem-solving for critical business functions and processes. They first had to deal with digitizing business working model. CloudCheckr CTO Jeff Valentine observed this drastic addition to existing responsibilities. A positive side effect of this is that nobody wants to force authority over it all like before.

A survey indicated that 41 percent believes that IT will have a decision-making seat in the executive board meetings. And why not? Not only were the IT leadership successful in handling these extra roles efficiently but they also bring innovative ideas to the table. Departmental siloes are gone and a new collaborative environment is taking over, thanks to the IT team efforts.

Beavers is sure that IT leadership role will have increased accountability going ahead. Organizations will now have to change their way of looking at problems and solutions to incorporate IT benefits.

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