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6 Ways to Improve SLAs and Deliver Better Results

Service level agreements (SLAs) must be defined and appropriate so that you can deliver better ITSM results. Since you must provide per and beyond the contracts you have with the clients, they are essential for your productivity. Are you struggling with the service level agreements, and that is hampering your supplies? In this article at, Ariel Gesto shares six ways to improve SLAs and deliver better results.

Ways to Enhance SLAs

Your IT service delivery and agents rely on the service level agreements. Give them vague descriptions, and everything would go for a toss. Here are the six ways you can avoid such mayhem and improve SLAs:

Create a New One

You have ITIL 4 Guiding Principle and previous documents to create a new, reformatted service level agreement. Do not include those items that are not working for you and have failed to deliver. Ask your service desk agents to link the new one with a service catalog.

Take Customer Feedback

The SLA report on performance might not give the real picture. Talk to the customer to avoid ‘watermelon SLAs’, i.e., the report says green, but customers are not satisfied.

Measure Correctly

According to Ivor Macfarlane, “If we measure the wrong things, do we get better at the wrong things?” Point the service level agreement KPIs to the strategic objectives. You can add value if your contracts are in sync with corporate goals.

Use Common Terms

Write down the SLAs in a language that any stakeholder can read and understand. Have these three things in the document—service offerings, response channels, and performance KPIs. Use common terminologies that anyone related to the product can figure out.

Be Straightforward

Have a crisp statement to put forward and help people get going with actionable items. You can add an endless amount of information, but it is useless if your target audience does not know how to implement it.


Organizational values and businesses are frequently changing. Instead of quarterly or annual reviews of SLAs, discuss the format of documentation regularly. Continuous checkpoints allow you to provide aligned statements to customers.

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