Why You Must Change to be a Leadership Role Model?

Change is the only constant in life, and you must embrace it to be a leadership role model. Due to the global pandemic, it has become essential that you evolve as the scenario demands. Usually, leaders invite change based on stakeholder requirements, industry demands, or personal growth. Now more than ever, organizations are undergoing several changes in processes and functions. How do you cope? In this article at PM Student, Angelique Luna shares the aspects you must embrace to become a leadership role model.

Elements of a Leadership Role Model

For a long time, leaders followed traditional management approaches for conventional project outcomes. However, things have changed, and so should you to encourage others with your leadership style. Here are the elements of becoming a leadership role model:

Add Only Relevant Corporate Culture

Changing workplace culture is a massive task, especially for large organizations. So, you must know for sure why you need the changes. Explain to your teams the reasons, provide them a roadmap, and ensure that the culture lasts. Do not force down things because people will eventually resist.

Learn from Others

Instead of taking all the decisions to yourself, brainstorm ideas with your team. Being a leadership role model does not mean you will have all the answers. Have one-on-ones, conduct surveys, and encourage casual outings so that the team members do not hesitate to speak their minds.

Stay Responsible

Be responsible for your actions. If need be, revisit former stands and policies. Acknowledge mistakes and celebrate small wins. People like leadership role models that make mistakes but find ways to make those right.

Be the Decisive One

As projects grow more complex, it becomes hard for the team members to keep track of things. It is your job to streamline their thought process and workflow. Always strive to make their life less stressful by providing them directions when they are confused.

Set Goals

Include the team members when you set goals. When both parties agree on the terms, they achieve things together. Speak about the goals often and confront the demanding tasks head-on. Decide how you can find out about the progress of the team.

Show Empathy

With people working from home, they literally struggle between catering to their family needs and work demands. If teammates are always lagging, be empathetic, and lessen their workload.  

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