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Upgraded Board Dynamics: Benefits of Virtual Meetings

Global lockdown has forced board members to make vital strategic decisions. Most of the members were novice to the virtual world. However, the pressure of saving employees and businesses from the catastrophe turn them a quick learner. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Keith Ferrazzi and Sarah Zapp explain how virtual meetings have become a new obsession among board members.

Synergy Within the Team

Apart from the apparent benefit of less travel and more turnouts, virtual board meetings have improved governance and collaboration. Brief agendas, to-the-point meetings, comprehensive discussions, and broader exposure are some of the critical upsides. The digital tools enable the meeting attendants to see each other and maintain eye contact.

A Substitute for Physical Presence

Perhaps not an ideal alternative to face-to-face interactions, but the virtual help to make confident decisions. Follow these best practices to augment your virtual board meetings:

  • Encourage your team members to share or exchange feedback beforehand using a standard and secure platform. It would help you keep the meetings crisp, pertinent, and insightful.
  • Eliminate aspects that are not crucial to collaborate. An effective oversight may bring necessary transformations without wasting time.
  • Prepare and share a meeting agenda with all the directors to prepare critical strategy questions and gather data to move the conversation ahead.
  • By using a facilitator, the board can encourage each other to achieve goals. Constant check-ins prove helpful in strengthening team commitment and trust.
  • Breakout rooms are best to maintain openness, allow board members to pressure-test ideas, and challenge each other. It would help them reunite as a group and avoid the pitfall.
  • If not comfortable with the breakout discussions, make room for inputs. It is possible to gauge the time to address the concerns of teammates. By adding short breaks into the meeting agenda, you can spare some time to hear the unsaid.
  • The personal bonding board members used to establish is tough to replicate on digital mediums of communication. However, directors can connect with executives from time-to-time to discuss business matters. Though not over a meal, holding a cup of coffee in the virtual meetings may prove helpful.

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